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Here is How You Can Live Like A Billionaire On Less Than $100,000

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Private islands and jets, luxury hotels and yachts are just a few of the luxuries with which billionaires are known to define their lifestyle of ultimate extravaganza. Many of us won’t be able to make that amount of money to enjoy these luxuries and we are forced to look at their pictures every now and then. But, you have to understand that even if we can’t own them, we can still enjoy them and be pretend billionaires on our own. Not everything nice and luxurious in the world needs to be bought for using them once or twice a year. They can be rented or leased on dirt-cheap prices compared to the actual worth. Here is how you can live like billionaires in no more than $100,000 per year max:

Private Jets

Now private jets are the sort of thing that seem only to be reserved for the CEO-level brass but that is just not true if you don’t intend on buying them and only using them when you need to. Did you know that private jets with complete staff can be engaged from England to Paris for just over $1140 per person? That’s a magical price that seems untrue but you can head over to and see for yourself. All you need to do is be flexible on your timelines and you are good to go. It is not only the luxury of it that matters. The private flights are much less of a hassle and the luggage handling is absolutely amazing and right in front of your eyes. Now you won’t loose a suitcase just because of the poor management of the airline.

The private jets range from small four-seat propeller planes to large Boeing 737 size jets that are modified from the inside for this purpose and have their own bars, showers, state rooms and everything. It seems incredible that all of this can be achieved in just a few hundred pounds. No need to have like a hundred million for a plane here at all!


We see everyday showbiz celebrities, top sports players, business leaders and royalty having a great time in their personal yacht. Now many of these yachts cost in excess of $10 million and many of us can only dream of buying one. But, An Airbnb-style site, is a website where you can enjoy the experience of a personal yacht and have an amazing time there for an unbelievable $130 per person. You might be thinking they are just small yachts with two or three rooms but that is not the case. There are hundreds of yachts available for you around the world in many locations and many of them are owned by these billionaires and have rented them out when they aren’t in their use.

One of these is the Southern Cross which is the Spanish Royal Family’s personal yacht and fitted with every bit of luxury possible. There is a fully trained crew present on the ship and even though you won’t be sailing away like into the horizon as it is anchored, you can still enjoy a lot on the ship and feel what it is like to live inside. There are others like and where people get everything from speedboats to yachts.

Private Island

Mark Zuckerberg is among the list of billionaires who own beautiful private islands and spend some time away there every year when they can afford. But, again you don’t need to become a billionaire to enjoy a private place in the middle of the sea. Private Islands Inc. is the company that deals with private islands and you can get one off the coast of Fiji or Ireland for under $90,000! You can also rent them for just a few thousand dollars and plant your flag there each summer or winter depending on the location. The Inishbigger Island off the coast of Ireland is a 13-acre island composed of greenery and peat worth only $87,000. It is actually less than an average property in New Jersey.

A growing number of people are buying islands as trophies and rebranding them as their own continent. Most of them don’t do anything and only send the pictures to their friends and families and go no more than once a year. In the coming years, the private islands will also be commercialized and you could rent them out for a paltry sum. But, even now many can’t purchase it and we certainly don’t need to be a billionaire to do so!

Luxury Hotels

Now here is where your trip planning skills will benefit you. Most of us are aware of the outrageous prices luxury hotels are capable of having, especially in the peak season. But, what many don’t know is that the hotel fares drop down to 4 times in the off-season and that is when you can take advantage and experience the same lifestyle. With the same quality of exclusive meals and other bits of luxury, you would be really living the lives of billionaires and enjoying the best money can buy.

There are also conditions that can work in our favor. For example, the beautiful island of Mauritius has listed February as the rainy month and the fares go down to dirt-cheap levels. But, in fact for many people in the Western World, rain is not the same thing here. On average, it rains less than one hour per day and if you go for a few days trip, much time can be utilized for spending outdoors. Now that’s a smart trick.

So, all in all, it all takes willpower and some smart decisions to enjoy the best of luxury. If you could add anything to the comments, that’ll be very helpful for everybody!