These Are Some Ultra Luxurious Holiday Retreats Of Famous Billionaires

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Billionaires are normally too overwhelmed with work to take time off, but when they do, they do it in style. We have seen how they like to invest huge sums of money on superyachts and huge property. Here is how well-known billionaires spend their rare holidays away from the work:

Bill Gates-  Equestrian Estate in Rancho Santa Fe, California

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Bill Gates has preferred to build his holiday home in the same state his business is based in. The 50,000 square feet property overlooks Lake Washington and was bought for 18 million dollars by the former CEO. Just peanuts for the richest guy in the world.

Richard Branson’s Moroccan Holiday House

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The eccentric billionaire from the United Kingdom has chosen the temperate climate of Morocco for vacationing. At 4,300 feet above the sea level, the Kasbah Tamadot area houses his expansive resort that has 27 rooms, an infinity pool, jacuzzis, a tennis court, gym and outdoor cinema. The extensive grounds and beautiful scenery around the area makes the house one helluva place to stay. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Resort in Kauai, Hawaii

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Despite being worth around 47.7 billion dollars, the Facebook founder is known to have a simple lifestyle and is famous for eating hot dogs and burgers from vendors when he visits his Hawaiian place for vacationing. But, the place itself is quite lavish as the social media mogul had to shell out a staggering 100 million dollars for a place like this. It is spread over 750-acres and has waterfalls and amazing streams that he exclusively gets to enjoy. Zuckerberg also snapped up neighboring plots spread over 393-acres that come with their own patch of white sand. Jealous, much?

Eric Schmidt’s Montecito Estate

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Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Alphabet, Inc and former CEO of Google Inc. also likes to vacation with class. His 1926 Spanish colonial mansion was rumored to be bought at 20 million $ from show host Ellen Degeneres in 2007. This property is classical architectural history in itself.

Yuri Milner’s French-chateau-style mansion in Los Angeles

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Some people are big fans of the romantic architecture from France. Yuri Milner, the social media investor who has stakes in Facebook, Zynga, Twitter, Spotify, ZocDoc and Groupon, rests his head on this grand piece of property in LA. He purchased it in 2011 and was listed as the most expensive private real estate in all of the USA at the time at 100 million $. Now its worth has plunged due to the housing collapse, but it is amazing nonetheless.

Bernard Arnault’s Courchevel resort

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This snowy resort of French businessman Bernard Arnault who has stakes in Dom Perignon, Luis Vuitton, and Hermes is different from the rest of the places in this list; It is cold! He owns this brilliant snow resort hotel Cheval Blanc in Courchevel, which also happens to be a ski resort. This is definitely my kind of resort!

So, which one would you pick as your favorite Dreamland vacation place?

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