This Pie Shaped House In The US Is Pretty Spacious From Within

This Suburban Chicago home has become known locally as the “Pie House” because it resembles a wedge-shaped slice of pie. It was build in the year 2003, on somewhat a rectangular plot of land in Deerfield, Illinois.

Everyone loves weird stuff these days, and the strangest of all get’s all the fame and attention, similar is the case with the Pie house as it now counts as a local tourist attraction. People are stopping by regularly to take pictures of the unusually narrow building, making it go-rounds on the internet and social media sites.

A local developer Greg Weissman of Advantage Properties tried to make the best of a rectangular piece of land, only 0.09 acres in size, which he made the best use of by building this weird structure. There weren’t many other possibilities that could be done to the awkwardly shaped plot. Despite one of the walls being only 3-feet-wide, the Pie House turned out quite cozy and ended up selling for little over $284,000 in 2007.

Initially, the property was listed for $339,000, but later as a result of not getting enough queries on the house it was reduced to $325,000 and $309,000 before taking it off the market for a while. It was relisted in January for $299,900, and according to the Zillow listing it finally sold for $284,000.

It has a total of 1,122 square feet of livable space; the Pie House is considered a forerunner of the modern tiny house design. Photos taken inside show that the wedge-shaped home is much more spacious than it looks from the outside.

Locals joke about the house that it looks more like a hallway than an actual house and keep on asking how anyone can live there. However, it attracts attention from many walkers and bikers, which makes it unique in its way. Commuters walk by and drive by every day, as it’s across from the parking lot.

The one-story house features two bedrooms – one upstairs and another one in the fully furnished basement, two and a half bathrooms, and an open space ground floor. For obvious reasons, it lacks a garage but does have a parking pad that can hold six cars. The “skinny house” even went viral on video-sharing platform TikTok, where a short clip showcasing its narrow side got over one million views.

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