This Physics Professor Frequently Jumps From Planes In Batman-Like Glider

Alexey Galda, a physicist and professor at the University of Chicago, tests his physics talents by throwing himself out of an aircraft while wearing a wingsuit.

Galda thinks that his academic career offers him an advantage in wingsuit competitions. Using his physics skills, he could test prototype wingsuits.

“My background in optimization and data analysis helped me develop specific strategies to optimize my flying,” he stated.

“It’s very technical and data-heavy. Everything is recorded by a GPS device on the flyer’s helmet.”

Professor claims he isn’t going after fame, but his unconventional hobby has gained much recognition lately.

“As a theoretical physicist, I have a lot of experience analyzing data,” Galda told The Times this week. “And that would help me to progress quicker because I compete, typically, with people who have many thousands more skydives than I do.”

“The realization that you can apply some of these scientific techniques to this sport to do better, that ignited the competitiveness in me,” he added.

In 2016, Galda tested a prototype wingsuit two days before a competition. However, after jumping, he began spinning out of control but didn’t harm himself in the process.

Galda says that jumping out of a plane and gliding to the ground is less dangerous than travelling by car

“I still didn’t have to open my reserve parachute or anything; I was able to fly out of it,” Glada told the Times. “The only thing that happened was my eyes were bloodshot red for two weeks because of the spinning.”

With his science background, Galda aims to compete in more competitive wingsuit competitions in the future.

Who knew wingsuits could be such a fun way to apply what you’ve learned in class?

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