This Phone-Shaped Acrylic Slab Helps Get Rid Of Your Smartphone Addiction

Many smartphone users are addicted to their gadgets, not only for the urge to check the most recent tweets and Instagram postings but also for the act of holding and swiping the phone. AcryPhone seeks to help overcome smartphone addiction, which is especially important given that 40% of all users admit to using their devices excessively. According to recent research, 33% of teenagers admit to spending more time online interacting with close friends than in person. This acrylic block resembles an iPhone, complete with back cameras.

Although the AcryPhone appears to be a functional smartphone, it lacks functional speakers, connections, and even a screen. How much will it cost you? The entry-level device, which costs $25, is essentially just a smartphone-shaped acrylic block. However, for somewhat extra, or starting at $26.50, there is a more iPhone-like version that even includes a screen protector. Furthermore, both models are compatible with a wide range of iPhone cases.

According to a Bank of America survey of over 1,000 people, millennials spend more time on their phones than they do with genuine humans, such as parents, friends, significant others, and children. According to a Pew Research Center survey, nearly half of millennials say they couldn’t live without their smartphone.

According to Robert Weiss, senior vice president of clinical development at Elements, a national behavioral health company, smartphone addiction can lead to other addictions. Smartphones facilitate “the three A’s”: accessibility, affordability, and anonymity, making it easier for smartphone users to access porn, drugs, and gambling. Smartphones can also create increased anxiety, either because a smartphone user cannot go more than 10 minutes without looking at the phone or because of what they see when they use the phone.

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