This Pest Control Company Is Paying People $2000 To Release 100 Cockroaches In Their Homes

Would you ever allow 100 cockroaches into your home for 30 days? Eh, it sounds cringe. But that’s what a North Carolina pest control company is planning to do in exchange for $2000 that would be given to those homeowners who will allow it. The purpose behind the release of these 100 American cockroaches is the testing of a new “extermination technique.” It’s rather a good opportunity for those who live in the United States and want to participate in this experiment, which can also land a whopping $2000 in their accounts.

You can take part in this experiment by simply going to “The Pest Informer” website and signing up for this opportunity. It sounds like an awkward thing to live with cockroaches for 30 days, but it has been reported that 2,200 applications have already been received by the company via their website. The company aims to wipe out cockroaches through its new “cockroach extermination technique.”

For this, written approval of the homeowners is required, which states that they are agreeing to the release of 100 cockroaches into their home or property for 30 days and allow the technicians to shoot the whole experiment. The Pest Informer wrote on its website, “We are currently hiring 5-7 household owners to allow us to release 100 American cockroaches into your home, and give us permission to film and test out a specific cockroach treatment.”

However, the company founder, David Floyd, in a talk session with NBC News, said that the applications will be open till July 31 and that people will have an ample amount of time to register themselves. At the end of the day, about 5-7 homes would be selected for the experiment. Furthermore, Floyd said that the same experiment had been performed in the past and the company had considered it better to release the cockroaches into the residences of their friends, families, and employees. However, the findings were not released, nor did the people involved give a word on the nature of the experiment, how it went, or whether they encountered any challenges or not.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that if the cockroaches didn’t wipe out even after 30 days from your house, the company will still be liable to pay you 2000 dollars and will employ certain techniques to ensure that your home is “roach free”.

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