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This Parody Elon Musk Account On Twitter Is Incredibly Witty And On Spot

Elon musk parody account2

Elon Musk is becoming more than just a business leader. He is becoming a celebrity and is being treated like one. The way he has brought forward his companies like SpaceX and Tesla, he has relied heavily on his personality to get things done. The success of the Tesla Model 3 and the construction of Gigafactory has been one of his remarkable achievements that show that investors trust him with their money and expect to have results. Now just like many famous personalities, he has his own parody Twitter profiles, and they regularly tweet. The best of these is the Bored Elon Musk that embodies the genius of the person in witty humor that will leave everybody wondering whether it is actually him behind the account.

The idea behind the account is simple. What Elon Musk does when he is bored. Surely he has a lot going on and seems to be everywhere but in the rare event that he does, I guess similar sorts of ideas would come to his mind:

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