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These Designs Are In Need Of Some Real Help. Do You Agree?

While some renovation projects end up very smoothly and end up looking perfect because of their designs, some are set to be doomed right from the start thanks to faulty designs. It might be a design flaw or actual meaning being lost during the communication. We have put together a list of projects where things didn’t go as planned!

14. Saving Money Using Budget Flyers

Well, here’s one way to save money!

13. Well… What Purpose Do You Serve?

What is the purpose of this door? What is the…

12. Never Go In Peace

This is next to an entrance to a building that has a coffee shop right next to it. Do you really think anyone would be able to use this bathroom?

11. The View To Nowhere

Super depressing!

10. Something’s Not Lining Up

This is a nightmare for perfectionists!

9. Never Wash Dishes Again

Buying this sink will help you solve the problem of never washing dishes again.

8. Get Ready For A Smooth Ride

Can anyone ride their bike on a sidewalk such as this? This was definitely not properly thought through.

7. A Hot Walk To Remember

These air conditioning units are blowing hot air out into the corridors while keeping the offices cool. To hell with the visitors, right?

6. Amazing And Fool-Proof Design

These fences have been installed to stop bikes from going onto the sidewalk.

5. A Door To Nowhere

Again, what is the purpose of this door, and why does it exist?

4. Intriguing Decorating Ideas

This speaks volumes about the hotel that you are staying in! Who hangs a picture right behind a lamp?

3. What Floor Am I At?

This is super-confusing, to say the least!

2. Solar Panels?

Here’s a classic example of money being wasted. How exactly did the residents of the house think they would be receiving sunlight?

1. These Stairs

Would you like to go down these stairs?

What do you think of these amazing top-of-the-line designs? Do let us know!