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This Ozone Pen Can Zap Water To Make It Drinkable

The O-Pen by Roving Blue is the best friend of the off-roaders and the other world explorers. This small package is your key to surviving in the wilderness as it ensures that you never run out of potable water.


Image Source: Roving Blue


The common means of water purification are not suitable for use on the go. Roving Blue O-Pen uses ozone to kill the bacteria, protozoa, and other harmful substances found in the water. The O-Pen is accurately named for this pen-sized device is powered by batteries and can make the water fit-to-drink using the O3.

The use of ozone for water purification was first suggested in the late 1800s. Even the Drinking Water Treatability Database of the US EPA acknowledges that

“[ozone is] one of the strongest disinfectants and oxidants available in drinking water treatment.”


Image Source: Roving Blue


Usually, ozone is used to purify larger water systems like municipal drinking water system. However, the system designed by the Roving Blue is portable and can easily be used on the go. The package of the ozone pen includes an MVP-A carry case kit and the all-new O-Pen.

The stainless steel pen developed by the Wisconsin-based firm has already been approved by the TSA and is the best gift for those who love to hike and go camping.


Image Source: Roving Blue


The 30-grammes O-Pen can purify half a litre of water in less than 6 seconds. The tip of the O-Pen is inserted into the water, and the device is switched on. As it works, the O-Pen emits bubbles to kill off bacteria, viruses, protozoa. The gadget is also helpful to get rid of the foul smell or unpleasant taste of water. Unlike chlorine-treated water, ozone-treated water has a fresher and more pleasant taste.


Image Source: Roving Blue


The O-Pen can be recharged using a USB port. The device was revealed in July 2016 and is now available for purchase at $199.


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