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This HP Laptop Has Just Set The World Record For Being The Thinnest Laptop

Laptops from HP and other mainstream laptop companies have become too monotonous in recent times and give nothing to report but this latest Spectre from HP has made headlines all over the world as it is the thinnest one available in today’s market, thinner than the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The price range for this phone lies in the luxury category but still it is a great machine from one of the stalwarts of the laptop business.

Here is the Spectre.

James Bond stuff, no?

It stands at 10.4 mm thick which beats Macbook Air and the 13 mm Macbook itself. Rather it wipes the floor with them in this matter. This is some seriously thin stuff!

But, it is a little heavier than the two MacBook models at 2.45 lbs. Macbook Air is 2.38 lbs while the Macbook 12 is 2.03 pounds.

Despite its ultra-sleek design, the laptop packs impressive features just like high-end laptops of its competitors. It also runs on Full-size Core processors from Intel and not Core m processors that are small, but slow.

The hinges conserve space by retracting into the body itself. The extension is ugly as ever but it provides much needed thickness reduction that proper hinges can’t provide.

It has a full 1080 p HD 13,3-inch screen which the Macbook Air can’t even begin to boast!

The USB-C port allows fast charging and data transfer and is a step towards the right direction. We have to transfer to this tech because the previous USB ports are too slow and inefficient for modern data transfer and charging requirements.

The starting price for this Laptop is 1,169 $ which is more or less the same as the 13-inch Macbook Air but, the amazing design, thin body and the killer specs make it a much better option than the Macbooks in this range.

So far, it only comes in Gold/Copper color combination. HP said that the color scheme gives a feeling of warmth and make it appear like an expensive jewellery.

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