This Incredibly Thin-Looking Laptop Has Zero Ports

The new Craob X does something we’re not used to seeing in laptops: it eliminates all of the connectors in favour of making an exceptionally thin computer. Of course, it’s up to each person whether that choice is worthwhile, but it’s an intriguing design choice.

According to sources, the Craob X laptop relies on wireless charging to obtain a charge. The price, of course, is that the computer loses the additional depth provided by even the smallest USB-C connections. As a result, the gadget has a depth of only 7mm. There is a significant difference compared to the MacBook Air, which is 16mm thick.

The laptop is lighter than most, weighing in at only 1.9 pounds. Using the MacBook Air as a reference, Apple’s laptop weighs 2.8 pounds.

Of course, you have to consider if shedding nearly a pound and a little less than a centimetre is worth losing the USB-C connections you’ve learned to understand. You may utilise the wireless charger that comes with the new Craob X as a ports hub, giving you access to USB, SD, and other ports while connected.

In terms of other specifications, the Craob X has solid hardware. It has a 13.3-inch 4K UHD display, DDR5 RAM, SSD storage, and an Intel Core i7-1280P CPU up to the 12th generation.

It may be challenging to picture a world without ports on phones and laptops, but rumours of a portless iPhone have been circulating for some time so that this laptop may be ahead of its time.

Having said that, the Craob X is an excellent option to comparable ultrabooks that may be surprisingly powerful while being feather-light. The company has yet to disclose the new laptop’s cost and availability, so it remains to be seen how much of a premium Craob will charge for this revolutionary design.

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