This Online Test By Australian Secret Intelligence Service Tests If You Can Be A Spy

Australian Secret Intelligence Service

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service is recruiting new agents and has launched an online game to test the potential of the candidates. The candidates who become successful will be given a recruitment code to fast track their application. In the movies, it looks really spectacular with fast cars, tuxedos and drone tech, however, the reality is a little different. The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) is hiring recruit spies with a different approach.

They have developed an online interactive test to separate the wheat from the chaff at the first stage. If you think you have what it takes to be a spy, then you should consider heading over to the testing page to put yourself through the test. If you become successful, you will be given a secret code on completion that can be used to apply to a real job with the service. The code will let them know that you are capable of the job.

Australian Secret Intelligence Service

The test is a mix of both visual and aural exercises that will assess both your intelligence and interpersonal skills. Some of the exercises include picking the missing numbers from a sequence, remembering faces in a crowd and trying to decipher information while three people are talking at the same time and many other similar tests.

Australian Secret Intelligence Service

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop took to morning TV to tell about the recruitment drive. “What we are looking for is people from a diverse range of backgrounds. People who have got a curious outlook, who are obviously intelligent — it’s an intelligence service,” she said. “People who are observant, bright, able to form relationships. Be prepared to be deployed overseas and act in Australia’s national interest.”

When she was asked about the job details by TV show host, Bishop said, “Well, I can’t go into details about particular operations because it is called a secret intelligence service for a good reason.” People have been sharing their experience of the test on social media, mostly mocking the process. Completing the test definitely does not guarantee you an interview. It looks like it is the first step for now if you have decided to become a spy. The recruitment process for a role in ASIS generally takes several months.

If you are not an Australian citizen but still want to be a spy, many intelligence agencies in the world are relatively straightforward about how to begin the recruitment process. The Central Intelligence Agency in the USA has a recruitment page that outlines the criteria and current availabilities and student training programs. If you live in the UK, then head over to the Secret Intelligence Service page. Keep in mind, if you don’t have the skills to be out on the ground as a spy, all the agencies also require a huge amount of staff for administration and technical support. These jobs won’t see you blowing up stuff with a pen but you will still get to tell people that you work for a secret service and impress them. Take the test here

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