This ‘Ocean Battery’ Can Store Renewable Energy On The Seabed

Ocean Grazer has introduced the Ocean Battery, a new energy storage technology. Ocean Grazer provides a simple solution based on existing technology while also improving marine life.

The Ocean Battery is an energy storage option for offshore wind farms constructed at the seabed. It provides utilities with an infinitely scalable storage capacity of up to gigawatt-hours. In addition, it is efficient, has low maintenance costs, is created for a sustainable planet, and improves marine life.

The team describes the Ocean Battery in detail in the video below.

The Ocean Battery is based on hydro dam technology that can be put at a power production source. Excess wind power is sent to the Ocean Battery, which pumps water from underground reservoirs into bladders implanted on the seafloor. When there is a requirement for electricity, water is directed through hydro turbines to generate power, which is then returned to the underground reservoirs. 

According to the company, transitioning to renewable energy generation is a major challenge. Additionally, weather conditions will eventually control electricity production rather than being available on-demand. However, peaks in renewable energy production are already causing energy prices to fall.

One of the main reasons for the Ocean Battery’s success is that it significantly reduces the capital expenditure of offshore power generation, with a return on investment of 8 to 10 years. In addition, Ocean Grazer has designed a strategy to develop its unique technology in partnership with local businesses worldwide, with the battery being manufactured on-site.

The first commercial tests, in which ocean batteries stabilize the power grid and provide black start energy once a blackout occurs, are currently in the works.

Source: Ocean Grazer

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