This Novel Nano-Drug Can Restore Vision In Aged People


It is absolutely correct when they say that health is wealth. Health is one of the most significant and important blessings living beings can have. Sadly, it is one that is neglected and overlooked the most. We only pay attention to it when there is a problem or issue with it. Otherwise, it is taken for granted.

One of the issues that can occur with health is the loss of the ability to see clearly and properly. Most of the reasons that lead to this condition are diabetes, old age, genetics, or general degeneration of muscles in the eye due to old age. Scientists and researchers may just have found out a solution for this predicament that afflicts many.

The major causes of this blindness are attributed to the conditions caused by diabetes and old age. Around 450 million people experience blindness due to these causes in the world. A lot of these cases are likely to experience complete blindness with time. There are medicines that already exist and are being extensively used by people, but they are not entirely effective.

This disease belongs to the category of ocular neovascular diseases that are usually treated with the help of a suppression method. However, 40% to 60% of the people develop side effects with the procedure. These unpleasant side effects make the patients exude fluids, have unresolved or new bleeding, thickening, or scarring of tissue, or fail to recover functional vision.

This is why scientists have developed a new method of treating the disease that helps cure it by almost 95%. It is a nano-drug that brings an antibody into the body that reduces inflammation and identifies side effects alongside. Scientists believe that this can be used to help patients with age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. The source of this research is the University of Queensland.


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