This Newspaper-Powered Rice Cooker Just Saved Lives During The Earthquake In Japan

Amidst the recent earthquake that shook Japan, an unconventional kitchen appliance, the Tiger Kamado, gained unexpected praise for its ingenious design, utilizing rolled newspaper instead of traditional power sources like gas or electricity.

The Tiger KMD-A100, colloquially known as the ‘Tiger Kamado,’ was once met with skepticism from those unconvinced that soft, fluffy rice could be cooked using just a few newspaper pages. However, the recent earthquake on January 1st in Japan highlighted the practicality and effectiveness of this unique kitchen gadget. A resident from the earthquake-affected Noto Peninsula shared his experience on Twitter, praising the very appliance his family had criticized when purchased the previous summer.

The man, known for his interest in peculiar products, had been intrigued by a rice cooker capable of utilizing newspaper pages as a power source. Despite initial skepticism from his family, the Tiger Kamado proved its worth during the earthquake. The family and 20,000 others in makeshift shelters without electricity benefited from perfectly cooked rice courtesy of the newspaper-powered rice cooker.

The man’s viral post prompted numerous users to attest to the Tiger Kamado’s efficacy, emphasizing the importance of strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions. The rice cooker, capable of holding 1 to 5 cups of rice, requires a specific number of newspaper pages based on the quantity of rice being prepared.

The Tiger KMD-A100 comprises a metallic pot for the rice and a burning compartment with two large holes beneath the pot. To achieve optimal results, users must fold newspaper pages in a specific manner and insert them into the burner alternately at specific intervals. Despite the seemingly wacky concept of a newspaper-powered rice cooker, it’s evident that meticulous testing and effort went into the development of the Tiger Kamado.

For instance, users need nine newspaper pages to cook three cups of rice. However, the process involves precise folding and rolling to ensure proper combustion and avoid poorly cooked rice. The step-by-step process, outlined by the manufacturer, guides users through the intervals and timing required for a successful cooking experience.

As confirmed by sources like Gigazine, the Tiger KMD-A100 delivers surprisingly well-cooked rice, considering its unconventional heating method. This innovative kitchen gadget proves valuable not only in everyday scenarios but also in emergencies or outdoor activities where traditional power sources are unavailable.

The Tiger Kamado is available for purchase on the Tiger online store at 19,800 yen ($135)

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