This New Wiper Blade Can Make The Windshield Of Your Car Water Repellant

Windshield wipers get worn off pretty quickly, leaving the windscreen with wiper marks and even scratches in the worse case. The car-owners then change the wiper blades on their vehicles, which is not as costly but sometimes annoying.

A new material (Kimblade) has been introduced for wiper blades that deals with this everlasting problem of replacing them. It not only will last for years but also comes with cool features such as “the use of it makes the windshield water repellant,” and more. The company behind its inception is said to have created a wiper that would never wear off.

The wiper termed Kimblade is the first-ever to come with a rectangular blade having a four-bar linkage structure. Its single edge shape allows the wiper to clean with forced concentration providing far better results than the conventional wiper blades that clean up the windshield with dispersed force.

Some of the cool features that kimblade packs are its unparalleled durability, concentrated windshield cleaning, turning the windscreen to water repellant, and a dual-silicon technology allowing it to stay firm while cleaning the screen with the softer part.

The dual-silicon that kimblade comes with is tough, durable, and flexible at the top, while its base carbon nanotube helps with additional force to clean the window effectively.

The new wiper blade is for those who don’t like to make the wiper blades work faster but still love to drive in the rain. Why say so? Because it packs reinforced silicone, allowing its developers to add a water repellant component to its material, allowing users to smoothly run the wiper at the watery windshield while also not compromising the vision or the slow music that they might be hearing to.

“Made with water-repellent substances, KIMBLADE wiper transfers water-repellent coating from the wiper squeegee to the windshield. When your wipers aren’t working well, remove dust and wipe off all the water from the windshield. Next, turn on the wipers and operate for three minutes, so the water-repellent coating is applied again. (Before wiping the dry glass, all foreign substances on the glass and dust on the wiper blade should be removed to protect the glass and the wiper)” the parent company explains.

The one-time-to-install wiper blades have been funded fully on Kickstarter, and shipping for the project backers will start sometime around June.

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