This New Window On The ISS Offers Incredible Views Of Space Station Exterior

The International Space Station has many surprises including built-in modules that are serving incredibly. Some of the newly made modules have been introduced by Russia. This article involves some of the new modules added to it with the brief explorations of NASA astronaut and current ISS crew member, Thomas Marshburn. The image of ISS showcasing a unique angle of the ISS is actually taken from the station’s newest module. This image was shared by a NASA astronaut and one of the crew members on Twitter on last week.

“That’s me in the Cupola, taking in the sights of our spectacular planet,” he mentioned in the caption.

But Marshburn did not specify particularly which Russian module he meant. It is probable that he is referring to the Prichal module, which was tied up with ISS in November 2021. This module is connected to the NAUKA module and will soon permit more spacecraft to tie up to the station’s Russian segment. Nauka is the primary laboratory of the Russian Orbital Segment, operating with the Mini-Research Modules Rassvet and Poisk. It is used to conduct experiments and keep track of scientific instruments. It can also serve as a backup service module for the ISS.

in 2021, The Russian module, Nauka made headlines after a series of disastrous mishaps resulted in the ISS spinning out of control. All indications suggest that the space station and its crew escaped uninjured from there, but the Russian officials are launching an investigation into any possible damage. Russia is hoping to develop its own space station with Nauka and Prichal.

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