This New Wheel Loader Prototype By Volvo Is Inspired By A LEGO Model

The LEGO Technic Volvo Concept Wheel Loader ZEUX set had a real fun inception story. Back in 2018, the automobile giants Volvo in consultation with LEGO and a team of children and designed a futuristic construction machine.

Now, as far as the set was concerned, it was alright, but Volvo has done the impossible. They have designed a real prototype based on this LEGO set. The Volvo LX03 is what it is called. It can break new grounds in innovative construction technology. In addition to that, it would contribute towards decarbonizing the environment, which is much needed.

“We need to transform the construction industry with smart and more sustainable solutions that will have an impact on a global scale. Today’s unveiling of the LX03 prototype represents just that — and is a testament to the incredible expertise of our engineers and our united commitment towards positive change. Together with the LEGO Group, we are pushing the boundaries of both technology and imagination, and the result is beyond anything the world has seen before,” said Melker Jernberg, President of Volvo CE, in a statement.

With the capacity to work through 8 hours which is a conventional workday, the LX03 is a 5-ton wheel loader. The fascinating thing about it is that just like a lego truck, its size can be altered by making one or two changes to the manufacturing process. The forward-looking feature of the LX03 is that it is low noise and a zero-emission work machine.

We talk about a futuristic machine, and not talking about AI is not possible. However, the LX03 has its brain (AI) and can be programmed to complete heavy, repetitive, or dangerous tasks. It is also able to make decisions in real-time and collaborate with humans.

In a nutshell, it is a smart worker which is equally safe. However, the fascinating thing about the LX03 is that it has come to life out of a Lego concept.

One thing is for sure that with the ability displayed by Volvo to bring a plastic toy model to life, a lot of windows of development have opened. So let’s sit tight and see what Volvo conceives next.

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