This New Weight-Loss Device Prevents The User From Eating

The obsession of our society with physical appearances is as old as time itself. In every society, there is a certain defined benchmark for people to look a particular way. If someone does not meet the prescribed standards, he or she is ridiculed or treated as an outcast and anomaly. In order to fit in and maintain a certain outlook, people invest in multiple ways to mold their appearance in accordance with the standards, so they are accepted by the community.

An innovation in this regard is recently launched in the market. It constitutes a dental device that basically puts the mouth into a lock, disabling it from opening and hence, not indulge in eating. The lock is not entirely restrictive, it only lets the user open his or her mouth till only 2mm, allowing only a limited amount of food to enter the body.

This device is considered significantly controversial, but the launch is inevitable because the target market will be willing to buy and use it. The invention is called the DentalSlim Diet Control and was developed at the University of Otago, New Zealand. It is fixable through professional help and only allows liquid intake. If you are worried about the effect on speech, it does not interfere with speaking. The researchers believe that this can be proposed as a solution for the widespread obesity all around the globe.

Scientists who are the creators of this device have been a target for criticism for promoting unhealthy ways to lose weight like torturing oneself by restricting food intake. They defend themselves by saying that this can have medical applications as well. For example, if an obese person has to have surgery but it is only possible if a certain amount of weight is lost, doctors can implant this device in his or her teeth and check the weight until it is fit for surgery.

The trials were run on people who lost around 6 kg weight in two weeks. Despite the backlash, the device has the potential to be accepted by people who wish to lose weight for one reason or the other. Society’s willingness to adopt controversial ways just to fit in and abide by the social standards will keep providing business for such devices.

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