This New VR Shirt Promises A Whole New Level Of Immersion – By Making You Physically Feel Gameplay

Owo has developed the Owo Game haptic vest, which will make your body feel every punch, cut, and gunshot as you play.

This game has been honored at the CES 2022’s Innovation Awards. It has an interface that is compatible with mobile, PC, console, and VR platforms, and can currently deliver 30 unique sensations to wearers. More is yet to come.

The vest can also give you the sensation that you’re free-falling or driving at 100mph, and you can even feel virtual hugs. However, you’ll also be able to experience sensations of being stabbed, shot (including feeling the exit wound as the slug leaves your body), and even bitten by an insect.

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Fortunately, there are features that can allow you to reduce the intensity of these sensations. This shirt will make these virtual interactions more real than they have ever been. We also expect that the vest will change how we approach compatible VR games mentally. 

This can be compared to a game of laser tag and paintball. In laser tag, the other person goes down without any serious or real injury. However, in paintball, things actually get pretty callous. It changes your attitude towards playing the game and your approach towards it.

This award-winning VR shirt promises a level of immersion we aren't ready  for | TechRadar

Sin this Owo Fame vest, you will have a fear of experiencing and causing the pain. This means that the approach of people in virtual settings will also change.

Owo hasn’t confirmed a price or launch date for the Game vest yet.

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