This New VR Goggle Prototype Is The Size Of Normal Glasses

To even the most passionate VR fans, the thick and heavy nature of clunky VR headsets is a barrier to overcome in pursuit of an immersive gaming experience. It’s one of the main reasons why VR isn’t more popular anymore. However, specialists have worked out how to remove at least this one discomfort from the VR experience.

Recently, Stanford University and Nvidia researchers collaborated on an effort to develop a VR headset the same size as regular glasses.

Holographic Glasses are “composed of a pupil-replicating waveguide, a spatial light modulator, and a geometric phase lens to create holographic displays in a lightweight and tiny form factor. They produce a complete 3D holographic image using only 2.5mm thick optics, often known as pancake lenses. Moreover, these new glasses weigh only 60g, compared to the Meta Quest 2’s 503g.

However, there are a few drawbacks. First, the FOV on the Holographic Glasses is much more limited than on a typical VR headset. The current prototype requires precise calibration with the wearer’s pupil, which can be difficult to do efficiently in real-world circumstances. Then there’s the fact that two huge ribbons are coming off of your glasses, which do nothing but make you look dumb.

As a result, much work needs to be done before the technology can be bought on the market. Read this article to find out more about how it was created.

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