This New Utility Personal Transporter Is Set To Become The Smartphone Of EVs

In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicles, Envo Drive Systems, a Canadian electric mobility company, has unveiled a potential game-changer – the Utility Personal Transporter (UPT).

UPT is more than just an electric vehicle; it’s a versatile platform designed for adaptability. Resembling a four-wheel-drive electric skateboard, the UPT allows users to stand and operate it, with the option of attaching a detachable/foldable seat. The design prioritizes stability with a lower center of gravity, complemented by a flat deck and adjustable handlebars that can be folded, telescoped, or slid aside while maintaining functionality.

The UPT’s transformative potential lies in its ability to serve various roles, from a mini-truck and golf cart to a powered cargo dolly or even a ride-on lawn mower. With additional modules, it can adapt to tasks such as snow plowing, backcountry rescue, or transform into a fully enclosed micro car. The vehicle’s agility is enhanced by knobby tires and a robust double wishbone suspension with 120 mm of travel.

The UPT offers a unique advantage. It is powered by four custom 3-kilowatt in-wheel motors (totaling 12 kW) and eight replaceable lithium batteries embedded in the deck. The absence of a traditional drivetrain saves space and enables individual traction control on each wheel. The batteries can also power tools or other devices in the field.

The UPT boasts an impressive range of 100 to 200 km (62 to 124 miles) on a single charge, with a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). Its towing capacity reaches 350 kg (772 lb), while it can carry up to 250 kg (551 lb), delivering a substantial 640 Nm (472 lb-ft) of torque. Additionally, the UPT’s foldable handlebars allow for vertical storage against a garage wall, hinting at innovative space-saving solutions.

Envo aims to commence preorders for the UPT by the end of the year, with deliveries anticipated in December 2025. The base model is expected to be priced around $14,000, offering a glimpse into the future of versatile and modular electric mobility.

Watch the video to witness the UPT in action, showcasing its diverse applications and transformative capabilities:

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