This New Transparent Infotainment Screen Is Made Of Swarovski Crystal

Continental, a global automotive technology company, has unveiled a groundbreaking 10-inch see-through infotainment display made entirely from Swarovski crystal at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. The crystal display aims to address a common complaint about car interiors – the intrusive and aesthetically displeasing appearance of infotainment screens.

This innovative display, dubbed the Crystal Center Display, is frameless, slightly tinted, and features MicroLEDs that project information onto the screen. One of its key features is transparency, allowing occupants to see through the screen and appreciate the dashboard or whatever lies behind it. This unique design is anticipated to revolutionize automotive interior aesthetics, particularly in the luxury car segment.

The self-illuminating pixels on the crystal display reportedly provide superior brightness and contrast compared to existing technologies. Although it remains unclear whether the display is touchscreen-enabled, Continental emphasizes the potential for a new era of automotive interior design, suggesting that this Swarovski crystal display could become a key interaction interface within vehicles.

The collaboration between Continental and Swarovski has resulted in a product that not only addresses aesthetic concerns but also elevates the crystal to a functional role in vehicle interiors. Peter Widmann, senior vice president B2B and managing director at Swarovski Mobility, expressed that the Crystal Center Display goes beyond being a mere design element, becoming an integral part of user interaction within the vehicle.

This transparent, faceted display also brings to life the futuristic concept of transparent screens seen in prototype cars over the years. Continental and Swarovski’s collaboration could potentially bridge the gap between conceptual transparent displays and their practical integration into production vehicles. The technology might find initial use in prototypes, gradually making its way into mainstream car interiors, potentially reshaping the future of automotive design.

In conclusion, the Crystal Center Display represents a fusion of production and process technologies, introducing a visually impressive and technically advanced design element that has the potential to redefine automotive interiors and elevate user interaction in vehicles. The collaboration between Continental and Swarovski might pave the way for a new era of transparent, aesthetically pleasing infotainment displays in the automotive industry.

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