This New Trading Hub In India Has Surpassed The Pentagon To Become The Largest Office In The World

The iconic Pentagon, known for being the world’s largest office space, has held this title for 80 years. However, it has now been surpassed by the Surat Diamond Bourse, a new diamond trading hub located in Surat, India.

Surat, a city 150 miles north of Mumbai, is not a prominent tourist destination, but it plays a crucial role in the global diamond trade. Approximately 90% of diamonds, whether mined in Africa or Russia, pass through Surat before reaching consumers worldwide. Over 65,000 people in Surat are involved in various aspects of the diamond business, including cutting, polishing, and trading. Many professionals commute 300 miles to Mumbai daily for conducting business.

The Surat Diamond Bourse covers an impressive 14 hectares and consists of nine interconnected towers, providing a total floor space of 7.1 million square feet. This surpasses the Pentagon’s office space by 600,000 square feet.

The facility accommodates 4,500 diamond merchants with office sizes ranging from 300 to 75,000 square feet. These offices also function as cutting and polishing workshops, making it a comprehensive hub for all aspects of the diamond business.

Construction of the Surat Diamond Bourse began four years ago but faced delays due to the pandemic. Surprisingly, all office spaces were sold even before construction commenced. The 32-billion rupee project was completed in April and is expected to be inaugurated in November.

Designed by Morphogenesis, an architectural firm, the SDB resembles a modern airport terminal with a touch of luxury, featuring marble floors and recreational facilities. Despite its grandeur, the designers ensured a fair playing field for businesses, making it easy to reach any office within the complex within seven minutes from the entry gates.

To preserve the conventional ‘bazaar’ feel, the designers incorporated nine courtyards with seating and water features to encourage human interaction. The building is certified “Platinum” by the Indian Green Building Council and incorporates environmentally friendly features like funneling winds through the structure and circulating chilled water to provide cooling in the scorching summer temperatures exceeding 110 Fahrenheit.

Overall, the Surat Diamond Bourse represents a remarkable achievement for India’s diamond industry, providing a state-of-the-art trading hub with a focus on sustainability and functionality. With its massive office space and efficient design, the bourse is set to become a global epicenter for diamond trading, surpassing the longstanding record held by the Pentagon.

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