This New Tiltrotor Aircraft Can Shift Its Rotors Within A Minute

At the 2021 Dubai Airshow, Leonardo, an Italian-based multinational aerospace and defense corporation, will debut its ground-breaking AW609 tiltrotor for the first time in the area (14-18 November). Leonardo will be present at the show with a display (booth 530 – UK Pavilion) and an outdoor static area (Pavilion S19) where visitors will be able to experience some of its most advanced technology, including the only tiltrotor on the market expected to gain civil certification. Advanced electronics, helicopters, and defense technology will be on display, among other high-tech items, reported New Atlas.

Leonardo update on AW609 tiltrotor training - Vertical Mag

The AW609 first flew in 2003, and it has been renamed multiple times since then. It was originally known as the Bell/Augusta BA609. Unfortunately, test pilots Herb Moran and Pietro Venanzi died in a catastrophic crash during test flights in 2015, halting progress on the tilt-rotor aircraft. Following new updates from Leonardo and a recent appearance at this year’s Dubai Airshow, it appears to be solidly back on track this year.

The AW609 tiltrotor will make its debut appearance at an aerospace and defense exhibition outside of Europe and the United States at the Dubai Airshow 2021, owing to Leonardo’s close relationship with its regional partners. The AW609 is an astonishing feat of engineering: it can take off vertically like a helicopter while behaving in-flight like an airplane, thanks to its ability to change the position of its two rotors in less than 60 seconds. The AW609 can fly at speeds of over 500 km/h and is capable of a wide range of tasks, including passenger transport and medical services, as well as civil protection and search and rescue. It has a range of almost 1,400 kilometers, which may be increased to over 2,000 kilometers with the addition of auxiliary tanks. The AW609, which was on display at the Dubai Airshow, was flown to Dubai for the inauguration ceremony of the Expo 2020 Dubai site’s innovative helicopter terminal, which was designed by Leonardo in collaboration with Falcon Aviation Services. The business also unveiled ‘Agusta,’ reinvigorating

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