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This New System Can Produce Clean Water In Your Car

Watergen Automotive AWG Can Produce Clean Water In Your Car

CES 2019 is happening in full motion, and we are witnessing all sorts of gadgets and the latest innovations in technology. The Watergen Automotive AWG system is a system that has been unveiled by Watergen and can generate potable water. The system can be built into your car and can provide you with water.

The Watergen Automotive AWG system begins by capturing the air into the atmospheric water generator (thus the AWG in the name of the system). The air is filtered to remove pollutants and dust. Once the air has been filtered, it is directed through a heat-exchange and cooling system, thus enabling the moisture present in the air to become liquid water via condensation. The water that is collected is passed through a multi-stage filtration system. Minerals are also added to it for ‘a fresh and healthy taste.’

The treated and filtered water finally ends up in an integrated reservoir. Once in the reservoir, it is circulated continuously. When the driver needs water, they simply make use of a dispenser that is built into the front console of the car.

According to the company, Watergen, the system will also additionally enable the vehicles to run better. How? The system by Watergen will help the vehicles to purify, cool, and dehumidify the incoming air. The company, as of now, is looking for automakers that will be interested in incorporating the system in their vehicles as a piece of factory equipment rather than retrofitting it into existing models.

There is no word about the quantity of water that the system by Watergen is capable of producing. There’s also no word on when we might see it in action in actual cars. However, if you resonate with the working principle behind this tech; you can check out the Watergen’s Genny; an atmospheric water generator that is designed for domestic use.

Those of you who are into such tech will remember the Ford’s experimental On-the-Go H2O, which harvested drinking water from the car’s existing air conditioning system. The Automotive AWG by Watergen reminds us of that system. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do let us know!