This New System Allow You To Create Your Own Unique Scents

Technology is only advancing every day and is bringing up techniques that were never thought of before. It is already known that such devices have been designed that enable users to create their own custom-color lipsticks and fingernail polish patterns. Now, there is a system in the market that allows you to create your custom scent and it can be anything you want.

The technology is being called Ninu Smart Perfume which is a Slovenian-designed setup that comprises a special spray bottle and a Bluetooth-connected iOS/Android app. Within the bottle are three 25-ml cartridges, each one containing a different liquid “fragrance base.”

The Ninu Smart Perfume system utilizes a spray bottle that combines fragrance bases from three cartridges

The app allows the user to try and experiment with different mixes. The ratios of individual scents can be altered precisely. Moreover, there are programmed ratios already fed into the system to make things more convenient. Users can select from one of those as well if they are not sure about their own ratios. The resulting perfume is drawn from the cartridges in the designated proportions, mixed, and misted out of the bottle.

The company states that more than 100 distinct scents can be created in this manner. With each application, users can create a new fragrance. This allows them to go back and forth between different scents as it suits them.

One USB charge of the bottle’s battery is said to be enough for the amount of time it takes to go through one set of the cartridges, no matter how long that turns out to be. The cartridges can be recycled but they cannot be refilled at the moment. If they were refillable, users would have the liberty to further customize their scents by adding their favorite types of essential oils or other aromas.

The Ninu Smart Perfume system is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. When it reaches production, a pledge of €159 (about US$178) will get you a setup – the planned retail price is $289.

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