This New Sustainable Housing Complex In Silicon Valley Will Have Its Own Farm

Silicon Valley is the technological hub for software and internet companies. It is situated in California. There is a new project rising in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley which will introduce a transformational style of mixed-income housing. 

The project is called Agrihood and it has already become popular. The concept is to integrate agriculture with urban lifestyles. The project is launched by the company, Core Cos., and its website states, “Agrihood will connect Santa Clara’s contemporary urban living with the agricultural past.”

Silicon Valley's New Sustainable Housing Complex Comes With Its Own Farm

It is going to be a 361-unit housing complex that comes with its own farm and has enough land to produce 20,000 pounds of produce per year. The residents will have the option to avail the discount. Agrihood will have 1.7-acres of open space and 5,000 square feet (464 square meters) for community and open space for events like a farmer’s market, book readings, or live music.

Housing will majorly be provided for low-income seniors and veterans. They will also bring the organically grown, hyper-local produce to a location on the site each week for residents to buy. A few of the residents will have access to community garden plots.


The project will get its power from a hybrid-solar energy system that further enhances the idea of a green project. The place will also support multiple habitats, species, and plants. 

Core states that “The proposal is a unique opportunity to put Santa Clara on the map as a leader in smart urban development. As the conversation about density continues to percolate throughout the region, Agrihood offers a forward-thinking and noteworthy approach to affordably house seniors, veterans, and others struggling to stay in Santa Clara while also providing a first-of-its-kind working farm in the heart of a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Agrihood embraces many issues which often challenge a traditional project and finds a creative solution or partnership.” on Agrihood’s website.

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