This New ‘Suspended City’ Will Encircle The Burj Khalifa – And It Looks Absolutely Ridiculous

If you haven’t added visiting Dubai to your bucket list yet, do it anytime soon as this might be the best time to make the most of it. An architecture firm, ZNera Space, has some incredible plans to give an extravagant look to the city. The firm has unearthed a phenomenal plan to design a high-rise building in the shape of a ring around Burj Khalifa. As per the details from an online magazine, designboom, this breathtaking structure would prove a hallmark for the UAE. The proposed design is definitely a sight to behold and has the potential to change the landscape of the city, for good reasons.  

It has been reported that the structural ring would be around 550 meters tall (1800 feet) and extend to about 3000 meters (9800 feet) in terms of its circumference. The fascinating structural ring would probably be named the “Downtown ring” due to its nature of urban development in the UAE. This urban metropolis would consist of residential, public, and commercial areas, making it perfect for any type of business in an extravagant environment. Not only this, but the entire structure is based on the idea of a “green and sustainable environment”, as the area around Burj Khalifa is already polluted due to the busy nature of the city.

Due to the crowded nature of the city, the plan also incorporates the addition of a “Green Skygarden” in order to fuel oxygen production in the environment. This would be a much-appreciated step as the design plan also takes into consideration the sustainability of the city, besides making efforts to make it extravagant. Moreover, the two rings would be looped through a green suspended belt known as “Skypark.” The aim behind this belt is to generate a stream of fresh air, natural light, and a wide-angle view of the entire city.

Coupled with this, a 3D green ecosystem that will be integrated within this suspended city would serve as the “lung” of the metropolis because, without this facility, the crowdedness of the place would cost a lot to the environment. Apart from this, there will be offices, research centers, and cultural spaces integrated into the landmarks of the ringed city. In order to add beauty to this green area, different features like canyons, sandy dunes, swamps, waterfalls, vegetation, etc. would be embedded into the landscape as well.

One might argue about the accessibility of this suspended city as there may be some difficulty in navigating routes while traveling through the magnificent rings. You need not be worried because a futuristic rail transport system might be the answer to your concerns. This rail system would transport passengers from one place to another by traveling at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Traveling amongst these rings would be great fun because you would then be exposed to the scenic beauty of nature, providing a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire city below.

Last but not the least, there is no such information available as of now regarding the beginning of construction of this dream city, but we can expect it at any time soon. So get your bags ready to travel in this extravagant city!

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