This New Superyacht Can Turn Into A Submarine – And It Only Costs $25 Million


This renowned company, U-Boat Worx, has presented a new concept that features the concept of both a yacht and a submarine in a single script known as “Nautilus”. This means that a superyacht can function both as a submarine and as a superyacht itself. This incredible phenomenon is designed to integrate the luxurious features and amenities of a yacht along with the submersible functions of a submarine. Thus, if you are a sea lover, you will get the luxurious experience of exploring details underwater. It should be noted that the company revealed this creative insight to manufacture both a yacht and a submarine in one go at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show that happened a week ago.

 According to the U-Boat Worx chairman and founder Bert Houtman, “If the sea becomes too rough, you simply dive and continue your voyage in comfort. With the Nautilus, the yachting market will never be the same again.” Also, the deck of Nautilus features unique and exquisite features including a freshwater pool, dining area, and a bar at the upper deck. On the other hand, at the lower deck, there is an underwater deck that has been covered with windows encapsulating the 538-sq-ft (50-sq-m) dining area and lounge. Hence, you can go down and get yourself immersed in the depths of the sea while the yacht is floating above the sea. This is really a cool concept, isn’t it?

Furthermore, Nautilus has the capacity to house a total of 17 people on board which consists of ten passengers and seven crew members. The submarine-built yacht integrates a diesel-electric powertrain that has the capability to cruise at a maximum speed of 9 knots and can travel at a range of 3,200 nautical miles. Quite impressive! In addition to this, there’s a limit assigned for the passengers according to which they can go to the depths of the sea. It has been reported by the company that passengers are allowed to go up to 650 feet below the surface and not beyond this.

To that end, it can sustain an underwater stay for a period of four days. However, when traveling at a speed of 4 knots, the submarine-built yacht can stay underwater for just 6 hours. However, U-Boat Worx has been planning to put the design concept into reality to make it a well-established player in the market and to give the public a unique and never-before-seen experience. Also, the company will start its production of this fascinating new technology when it would get an order of about US$25 million from a suitable buyer. Let’s see when will it roll out!


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