This New Supersonic Hairdryer By Dyson Looks Like A Periscope

Dyson’s latest offering in the haircare realm, the Supersonic r, marks a significant departure from its predecessor, boasting a sleek tube-shaped design that is lighter and more compact. Unveiled at New York Fashion Week, this new model addresses concerns about the original Supersonic’s weight, making it more suitable for extended professional use.

The reduction in weight and size is attributed to re-engineered heating elements, which have allowed for a more streamlined design with a bend at the end resembling the lowercase letter “r.” The heating system comprises miniaturized copper microfins that ensure even heat distribution and prevent hot spots, thereby minimizing the risk of heat damage to hair.

This design innovation is complemented by precise airflow and heat settings accessible via intuitive thumb-click buttons, catering to various styling needs and preferences.

Moreover, the Supersonic r features an improved Hyperdymium motor and an RFID sensor that recognizes magnetic accessories, enabling automatic adjustments for optimal performance based on the attached accessory.

This intelligent system enhances the user experience by delivering customized airflow and temperature settings tailored to specific styling requirements. Additionally, a long-lasting depth-loaded filter in the air inlet captures salon pollutants, ensuring clean airflow during use.

While the Supersonic r comes with a hefty price tag of $570, it is primarily targeted at professionals, with availability slated for April for US-based hairstylists with valid cosmetology licenses. The inclusion of magnetic accessories, such as a diffuser and wide tooth comb, further enhances its versatility, catering to a wide range of styling needs. Notably, each attachment can save customized settings for future use, adding convenience and efficiency to the styling process.

Overall, Dyson’s Supersonic r represents a significant advancement in hair dryer technology, combining innovative design elements with intelligent features to deliver professional-grade performance. While its premium pricing may deter some consumers, its targeted appeal to professionals underscores its commitment to meeting the demands of the haircare industry.

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