This New Superbike Concept Made In Italy Can Shapeshift Into A More Aerodynamic Form

After introducing the mega yacht concept Prodigium in the past, the Lazzarini Design Studio has now introduced a superbike concept. The concept, named Hypercycle, is bound to grab your attention.

Prodigium was built in the style of Roman architecture, with Roman statues and two columns supporting the upper deck, making for an amazing and unusual design. The same firm that brought you this marvel of the seas has now created an idea for a superbike.
The new motorcycle is shapeshifting and comes in red, grey, white, and gold, making it appropriate for a transformer. It has an extensible rear wheel section and a horizontally aligned wishbone suspension that is independent.

Design Studio Unveils Shark-Shaped 501-Foot Mega Yacht Concept
Prodigium Lazzarini Design/YouTube

This implies that it can be stretched out to make it appear longer. We don’t know how much longer it will be because Lazzarini doesn’t disclose any specifications, but they do supply a fantastic graphic that shows off the bike’s form.

According to a report in Interesting Engineering, it also has a nice, streamlined design with large thick tyres that can plainly sustain a lot of weight at high speeds. Is it a bike designed for racing? or do you want to be a drag racer? It’s difficult to say because the bike could fit into either of these groups.

Image Source: Lazzarini Design Studio

Whatever it is, this superbike was clearly designed for high speeds and showmanship. We can’t help but remark how the golden alloy wheels complement the suspension nicely, giving the bike an ultra-luxurious appearance.
It also has some ominous headlights that proclaim, “I’m here for the adrenaline rush!”  Can’t you just feel how fast and smooth it can go?
The ‘Hypercycle’ concept indicates the ways in which vehicle designs may alter in the near future as designers aim to meet drivers’ wants by incorporating customizable components that change based on the conditions. 

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