This New, State-Of-The-Art Electric Stove Can Boil Water 10 Times Faster Than Traditional Cooktops

Impulse Labs, Inc. has developed a new induction stove powered by a lithium-ion battery that could revolutionize cooking.

Unlike traditional electric stoves, which often require expensive panel and wiring upgrades, Impulse’s stove can be plugged into a standard 110-volt plug, thanks to the power delivered by its lithium-ion battery. The stove is reportedly the first to use this technology, which is commonly used in mobile phones, laptops, and electric vehicles.

Impulse’s technology could make induction stoves more accessible and provide a more efficient alternative to gas stoves. The company claims that its stove can bring water to a boil three times faster than gas stoves while also being safer and easier to clean.

Decreased gas stoves in homes could also help reduce planet-warming pollution, as 13% of US carbon emissions come from residential and commercial energy use.

Impulse has yet to announce the price of the new stove or begin taking orders, but the company’s founder and CEO, Sam D’Amico, has shared a video demonstrating how the stove can boil water ten times faster than a gas stove. Impulse hopes to provide a fundamentally better cooking experience that people will choose to use.

“The argument should be over when you can ship something literally ten times better,” D’Amico wrote in a tweet sharing the clip.

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