This New Speaker Is Built From A Porsche 992 GT3 Exhaust

Sound projectors are typically sleek speakers that sit inconspicuously in front of or below your TV screen, but luxury car brand Porsche has the new 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro. With its Dolby Atmos speakers, you will be completely blown away. asserts that this idea is impossible to ignore.

This speaker is made from an actual Porsche 992 GT3 exhaust system. However, it is disappointing that the sound does not flow through the exhaust system as we had hoped. The 911 Soundbar 2.0 Pro supports 4K audio-compatible HDMI ports if you want a wired sound system, while those who prefer a wireless setup can take advantage of AirPlay 2 support and built-in Google Chromecast.

Photos of the 2.0 soundbar show clean exhaust tips but with rusty welds and other signs of wear on the rest of the exhaust system—hardly the refined look you would expect from $12,000 sound equipment doubling as “wall art.” Then again, straight off the car, it could be in vogue for collectors of Porsche bits right now.

A fun little feature is a 300W power behind the massive speaker, which is the same as the capability of the original design. There’s no arguing that 300W is a lot of sound, but again, for three times the price, one might expect Porsche would have given the actual sound system a boost too.

This latest model supports the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos and includes a 2.1.2-channel setup that’s decently usable, but it’s far from pole position when compared to the best sound projectors. If you want to get your hands on this unique sound projector at $12,000, you’ll want to act fast, as Porsche is only making 500 of them and sales will cease once pre-orders are sold out. Porsche Design is taking preorders now, with shipping due to start on January 1st, 2023.

This isn’t the first lavishly priced gadget to come from Porsche Design, though it ranks as one of the most expensive. The luxury lifestyle brand has previously released Porsche-branded tech collaborations like smartwatches, laptops, phones, and even gaming monitors.

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