This New Snow-Clearing EV By Spyker Looks Like It’s Inspired By The Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck has had a few setbacks along the path to production, but that hasn’t prevented the highly anticipated polygonal pickup from inspiring a slew of fresh ideas. The most recent of these is a remote-controlled small snowcat meant to assist you in clearing snow in the dead of winter.

Ryan Butler of the firm Spyker Workshop came up with the clever name CyberKat. The sleek electric vehicle is the mirror image of its predecessor, with a sharp, angular form and few curves, yet it is equipped with large tracks that allow it to navigate through a thick white blanket of snow.

The CyBlower, according to Robb Report, is the coolest element of the EV. This handy addition, which is still in development, attaches to the CyberKAT’s trailer hitch and helps blow snow away quickly. Consider it a wheeled snowblower that you can operate from the comfort of your own home. The hitch can also be used to tow a waggon or a wheeled cooler, for example. The CyberKAT, like the original Cybertruck, has light bars that give it a futuristic air.

The CyberKat is priced at $1,299, but you’ll have to pay an extra $120 for the electronics kit and another $80 for the optional radio. The first versions are expected to ship in January or February 2022, which means the CyberKat will most likely arrive before the Cybertruck. (Tesla’s truck is expected to come next year.)

Image: Spyker Workshop

While it won’t cost as much as the recently announced Snowbot, the sting is that you’ll have to construct it yourself. There’s nothing like a good DIY project to start the new year off right.

The CyberKAT shares a lot of similarities with its Tesla Cybertruck lookalike, including a sleek electric appearance with a sharp, angular design and few curves. The large treads that allow it to navigate through a thick, white covering of snow set it apart from the Cybertruck.

The CyberKAT features a plasma-cut aluminium frame that is 29 inches long (73 cm) by 19 inches broad (48 cm) and has a 4.25 inch (10.7 cm) ground clearance, allowing it to glide over uneven terrain. The CyberKAT is powered by four 12-volt batteries and a regular 775 electric motor. According to Spyker Workshop, the aluminum transmission may be simply set to high speed or high torque settings.

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