This New Smart Stationary Bike Comes With Video Games That You Can Play While Working Out

When compared to riding a real bicycle, riding an indoor exercise bike can be tiresome. The Capti exercise bike packed with games and simulated rides is the most up-to-date solution to this problem.

Capti, a California-based Expresso Fitness company, has released a tremendous stationary smart bike with its handlebars fixed and pedaling resistance remaining at a single setting. In addition, the bike also has a 24-inch Wi-Fi-connected 1080p touchscreen display to access an online library of simulated outdoor rides, pedaling-based games, heart rate training programs, and virtual studio sessions.

In Capti’s interactive mode, spinning the handlebars causes virtual landscapes to turn on-screen feature, and the rider’s real-world pedaling tempo is mirrored in their avatar. Furthermore, when climbs or downhills occur, the real-world bike’s pedaling resistance changes proportionally — “shifting gears” by manually modifying the magnetic resistance on the flywheel will assist riders to climb or descend such slopes quickly.

Moreover, the rig sensors track handlebar angle, pedal cadence, and flywheel resistance 50 times per second, allowing the on-screen action and the bike to be adjusted accordingly. The rides and games were created with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and feature “3D video-game-level graphics.”

The Capti bike’s steel and anodized aluminum frame weighs 175 lb (79 kg) and can support riders up to 350 kg (159 kg). It’s currently available for preorder for $2,495 with a December delivery deadline; a $34 monthly subscription charge is also required. The total selling price is said to be $3,495.

The identical Playpulse One, which is slated to price for $1,999, may also pique the interest of potential buyers. Then, of course, there’s also the Zwift platform, which allows indoor bikers to participate in virtual group rides with other riders over the internet.

Source: Capti

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