This New Smart Ring By Samsung Comes With Some Huge Health Benefits

During an interview with CNBC, Samsung Electronics’ digital health team leader Hon Pak announced that the new wearable device, Galaxy Ring, would be launched. It is a smart ring consisting of various health tracking features such as heart rate and sleep monitoring, in addition to a vitality score display where users can understand their readiness level for the day. In this way, Samsung enters the smart ring market, in addition to smart watches and smartphones.

The Galaxy Ring, revealed for the first time back in January when S24 was introduced, comes with sensors that are able to monitor heart rate, breathing frequency, sleep activity, and onset time of falling asleep. The Samsung Health app will make these functions available to its users so that they could have a global understanding of their health and well-being data.

Beyond merely monitoring health, Samsung is thinking of extending the Galaxy Ring’s capabilities to include contactless payment processing. Pak added that Samsung is developing non-invasive blood pressure and glucose monitoring through wearable technology in an effort to give consumers more convenience and health-related data.
According to Pak, consumer feedback was the driving force behind the decision to design a smart ring. Pak stressed the need of providing users with choice and simplicity. He pointed out that while some customers prefer a more streamlined approach, others want to wear both a smartwatch and a ring to take advantage of distinct health insights.

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