This New Smart Mobile Home Can Crawl Across Almost Any Surface


Societal preferences toward work and travel evolved considerably during the pandemic, with many favouring positions that enable them to work from home or in other remote locations. And,  mobile homes appear to be a perfect idea in this case. 

To come up with innovative solutions, some developers have constructed mobile versions of their homes/workspaces. Encho Enchev, a Bulgaria-based 3D designer, produced a groundbreaking mobile home concept that can travel on any terrain and set up camp anywhere at any time, thanks to its six mechanical legs.

Enchev’s design was influenced by the growing popularity of remote working and his love of beautiful landscapes and lakes. Enchev observed people yearning to migrate to sparsely populated areas while missing the comforts of home and encountering difficulties in rough terrains. His proposal serves as a solution to these challenges.

The most important components of the mobile home appear to be functionality and practicality. Furthermore, Enchev regarded weight and power to be essential design elements. Electric motors power the mobile home, but it also features a diesel-powered backup generator if the motor fails.

A cubic frame with six mechanical legs makes up the structure. It can move on any surface, including steep hills and mountain slopes, thanks to its legs, which are reinforced with 2 inches (5 cm) of non-slippery rubber layers and two deployable spikes on the bottom of each component. The mobile home can be constructed by lifting it off the ground, lowering it, or sitting on it.

The mobile home’s interior design contains high-tech components that are driven by advanced engineering. Innovative glass technology is included in the mobile home’s windows, which prevents sunlight as required. Moreover, Enchev also featured advanced equipment and automated furniture. The mobile home’s integrated storage capacity, water tanks, and power cells allow its residents to spend their time in peace and comfort.

Although Enchev’s design is still a concept, it has the potential to become popular in the future.


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