This New Smart Fridge By Samsung Has A 32-Inch Touchscreen That Let’s You Watch TikTok

Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators are a bit of a novelty, with massive touchscreens that can also function as a smart hub or tablet. Samsung added a larger 32-inch display to the new Family Hub Plus fridge for making shopping lists, following recipes, or doomscrolling through TikTok.

The old model had a 21-inch screen for the visual interface, browsing the web, and controlling SmartThings devices, but this new model is much better. 

The company will publicly announce the smart Fridge and all of its features at CES in early 2023. With a larger screen, we should expect Google Photos support, more apps, and OneDrive integration.

The large new Samsung Family Hub Plus refrigerator has the free Samsung TV Plus service, which provides roughly 190 TV channels in the United States and 80+ in South Korea via the Samsung TV Plus app. So yes’ll be able to watch TV from the kitchen as you wait for the ground beef to brown in a pan.

The large 32-inch vertical touchscreen panel is ideal for running other Android apps. More precisely, because of its vertical orientation, it will flawlessly handle the TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter interfaces, allowing owners to doomscroll their favorite social media or follow along with a new recipe. 

In addition, in a press release, Samsung also announced a new picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, so you may read a recipe on the screen while watching a YouTube video in a floating window. Furthermore, through the companion app “Samsung Bespoke Atelier,” users may access and play photographs and videos from Google Photos and upload photos to display as a collage.

Along with allowing users to operate devices with Samsung’s SmartThings, the Family Hub Plus includes Amazon’s Your Essentials service, which enables customers to order groceries directly from the Fridge display. We’ll find out more next month, but expect it to cost around $3,200.

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