This New Shock Absorber For Knee Implants Is Showing Promising Results In Trials

A California-based company, Moximed, recently unveiled the trial test results of its upcoming and state-of-the-art “Misha Knee System” that has shown promising results. This is one of their ambitious and critical projects that seems to have the potential to replace all conventional knee-related medications. The Misha Knee System has been designed to bridge the gap between the tibia bones and is somehow a replica of the shock absorber usually housed in a car. This shock absorber for knee implants contains a steel piston on the top and an elastic polymer cylinder at the bottom.

It should be noted that the company has already deferred the trial data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the authorities are now reviewing it according to their regulatory requirements. However, no information has been issued regarding the commercialization of the system. Moreover, this undeniably cool technology holds a truly futuristic approach and has been integrated in such a way that it considerably manages to reduce the maximum of the forces that usually act on the knee by 30%. It must be noted that the pain reduction will be for every step the patient takes.

Coupled with this, the Misha System is bound to be embedded under the skin, and after its inception, it makes the knee free from any excessive pain. In addition to this, the system has been designed to keep the bones, cartilage, and tendons interlinked with each other, so in the future, if you want any other alternative, then it can easily be done. One of the most interesting things about the results of the trial tests is that the experiment was done back in 2019 and around 81 participants received the system implanted on their knees. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre conducted the experiment under a multi-center clinical trial.

Now, after three years, The Ohio State University has announced the results and it was revealed that around 90% of the participants experienced a “significant reduction in pain scores and improvement in function scores”. Similarly, it has been reported that the Misha Knee System is effective up to 86% as compared to the traditional surgical systems being used today.

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