This New Russian Weapon Can Cause Tsunamis

According to sources, Russia has the current largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world and they have no qualms about making more. They have developed a new torpedo, the Poseidon 2M39. The torpedo is capable of sneaking mostly undetected along the bottom of the sea.

The torpedo can detonate on the coastline and reportedly cause a radioactive tsunami. The best guess would be that it is capable of flooding the area with radioactive water, thus destroying the environment and harming the ecosystem greatly. This technology was deemed close to impossible to make a few years back but recent Russian military tests and activities in the Arctic have others thinking otherwise.

A former assistant secretary of state for International Security and Non-Proliferation, Christopher A. Ford, told in a statement last year that the new weapon of mass destruction was designed to “inundate U.S. coastal cities with radioactive tsunamis.” Though them actually using the weapon may be farfetched but we can totally see this being used as a scare and intimidation during future negotiations between the countries.

Katarzyna Zysk, International relations professor from Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies, said that “It is absolutely a project that will be used to scare, as a negotiation card in the future, perhaps in arms control talks but in order to do so, it has to be credible. This seems to be real. “

Intentions aside, if such a weapon is actually used, there would be serious ecological and environmental repercussions. The weapon would be able to cause generational environmental destruction to the landscape and wildlife.

Aside from the Poseidon tests, Russia is also moving forward with other high-tech weapons like hypersonic missiles. Just how many weapons does Russia need?

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