This New Rugged Briefcase By LG Contains A 27-Inch Smart Display And Sound System

LG has introduced an all-in-one mobile entertainment solution called the StanbyME Go, which comes in the form of a 27-inch smart display housed in a briefcase.

The StanbyME Go appears to be a successor to LG’s previous smart screen on a stand, and it operates on LG’s webOS platform. The device functions as a portable streaming TV, a vertical video player, a music player with animated turntable graphics, a tabletop games platform, and a display for presentations or team meetings. Its sturdy briefcase enclosure is designed to meet MIL-STD810H standards, ensuring durability and protection during transport.

The 26.7-inch Dolby Vision Full HD LED display mounted on an adjustable stand is securely attached to the briefcase. While the display cannot be detached, it can be rotated between landscape, portrait, and table modes to accommodate different viewing preferences. The device features an automatic power-on function when the briefcase lid is opened and shuts off when closed.

In addition, LG has integrated a 20-watt, four-channel Dolby Atmos sound system into the inner lid for a complete all-in-one entertainment experience. Additionally, voice recognition capabilities are available through the included remote. The built-in battery provides up to 3 hours of usage before requiring recharging.

The StanbyME Go offers connectivity options such as Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, Miracast screen mirroring, and AirPlay for iOS users. It is reportedly compatible with LG’s ThinQ smart home devices through a dedicated mobile app. The device includes HDMI with audio return and USB inputs for wired connectivity to various content sources.

Measuring 670 x 433 x 119 mm (26.3 x 17 x 4.6 in) when closed and weighing approximately 12.7 kg (~28 lb), the StanbyME Go is now available for purchase in Korea at a price of KRW 1,170,000 (around US$890). LG has not yet announced international availability.

Overall, LG’s StanbyME Go offers a compact and versatile mobile entertainment solution catering to a range of needs in different settings. With its portable design, durable construction, and extensive features, it aims to provide a convenient all-in-one entertainment experience for users on the move.

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