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This New Rotary Un-smart Phone Could Be The Retro Phone You Always Wanted

Space engineer Justine Haupt, 34, has created a rotary dial mobile phone due to her dislike of the hyper connectivity associated with the smartphone generation of phones. See SWNS story SWNYphone. A space engineer has built her own cell phone with a ROTARY DIAL because she despises smartphones and texting. Justine Haupt, 34, spent three years creating the old school device which fits into her pocket with a battery that lasts up to 30 hours. When she wrote about the retro cell phone on her website, so many people visited the post that her site crashed. Justine has since been inundated with requests from fellow smartphone haters begging for their own version of the phone and she is now offering build-it-yourself kits.

Next time you wish to buy a phone for yourself, forget about the smartphones and prepare to revive your memories as the rotary unsmart phones are back on the market again. Yes, a space engineer, Justine Haupt, has designed a very unique rotary phone keeping the 80s and 90s requirements in mind. But it should be noted that this is only for making and receiving calls, you cannot take selfies, make videos or play games. Nevertheless, in today’s world, where technology is looming everywhere, it is a very fascinating thing to imagine ourselves in the past using such classical gadgets.

This rotary phone is the size of a hand with a plastic dial and contains all those things that an anti-smartphone user would like. Smartphones are a universe all on their own, through which one can easily get connected and informed with anyone around the world. However, these rotary phones are just for making calls. As Justine Haupt said, “The point isn’t to be anachronistic. It’s to show that it’s possible to have a perfectly usable phone that goes as far from having a touchscreen as I can imagine, and which in some ways may actually be more functional.”

This rotary phone also gives you a nicer retro look with an updated list of ringtones and bells that one can like. The first version that was introduced was the rotary mobile phone, and the second version is this unsmart phone. The ringer bell is made from gold or silver coated brass material, which gives it an appealing look. Moreover, to receive the signals in better quality, two antennas are also mounted on the outer side of this phone. Also, it features two screens, i.e., “the front side OLED and the backside ePaper.”

As far as the work is concerned, the official website of this project wrote, “You can store your contacts list and then dial up your friends with just two spins of the dial. When the less frequent need to dial a new number arises, the novelty of the satisfying-to-use rotary dial is fun rather than annoying. Plus, you can assign two buttons to be hard-coded for quick dialing your favorite people. “

Before it becomes available for commercial use, some formalities are required to be met, which include FCC licensing and coordination with customer support; the price would then be decided. But who doesn’t want to buy it either way? Last but not least, you can buy all the necessary items from Kit Haupt for $390, which would be required to make this rotary unsmart phone manually.

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