This New Robot Shark Can Shovel In 21,000 Waste Bottles A Day

The WasteShark is a new device that is helping to clean up our rivers and oceans by collecting waste and debris floating on the surface. Inspired by the whale shark’s large mouth, this robotic ‘shark’ can ingest up to 21,000 waste bottles a day.

The WasteShark was invented by Richard Hardiman and his company Ran Marine after he saw two men struggling to catch waste from their boat in Cape Town, South Africa. The device is like a Roomba for water, autonomously scooping up pollution on the surface level, whether it’s plastic, debris, or algae.

The WasteShark is currently deployed in London’s Canary Wharf, a region that receives 120,000 people every day to work or shop. Despite the best efforts of the Canary Wharf Group to reduce single-use plastics, coffee cups and lunch wrappers still end up in the water. The WasteShark is an eco-friendly solution that leaves zero impact on the environment it works in, as it is completely electric and quiet enough not to interfere with wildlife.

The WasteShark’s project is reminiscent of the Ocean Clean Up initiative, which aims to clean up our oceans on a larger scale. Both projects aim to reduce plastic and other waste in our waterways, which can harm marine life and ecosystems.

The WasteShark is a great example of how technology can be used to solve environmental problems. With the increasing threat of plastic pollution and climate change, it is crucial that we find new and innovative ways to tackle these issues. Initiatives like the WasteShark and the Ocean Clean Up are leading the way in this effort and providing hope for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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