This New Robot Called The ‘Rizon 4’ Could Reduce The Cost Of Back Massages

Using robotics in various industries is not a new phenomenon, and it seems like robots are entering new fields every day. With advances in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and force feedback technology, robots are becoming more capable of performing complex tasks that were previously only possible for humans. One such example is the development of robotic massage systems that provide customized massages to people of all shapes and sizes.

The Shanghai-based company, Flexiv, has introduced its latest robotic massage system that aims to provide users with an automatic, customized, and cost-effective massage experience. The system utilizes the company’s Rizon 4 robot arm, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and force feedback.

The robotic masseur can detect specific areas on the human body and comes with a soft silicone massage tool at its end-of-arm. According to Flexiv, the robot has a force sensitivity of .03 newtons and can provide safe and personalized massages to people of all sizes.

In a statement, Yunfan Gao, Flexiv’s marketing director, expressed his hopes for the future of the robotic masseur. “We aim to make robotic massage mainstream and, in the process, reduce its cost while increasing its availability. People think nothing of buying food or drink from a vending machine, and we hope they will think the same way about purchasing a robotic massage,” he said.

Furthermore, Flexiv has partnered with Doco Engineering, a San Jose, California-based systems integrator, to provide its customers with better service and support.

“The demand for our adaptive robots means that we are constantly looking for integrators who would be a good fit for Flexiv, and this latest partnership will provide our customers with greater levels of service and support,” Howard Huang, Flexiv’s business director for North America, said.

The new robotic masseur system provides a revolutionary approach to the traditional massage experience. Its technology enables it to sense its environment through touch and sight, making it safe for use.

The company’s partnership with Doco Engineering highlights its commitment to providing better customer service and support.

“We hope that one day our robotic masseur will be on hand in every clinic, spa, gym, and health club to provide a viable alternative to traditional massages,” said Yunfan Gao.

Source: Flexiv

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