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This New Reader Can Be Worn Like Glasses And Puts The Text In Your Vision

If you love reading a lot and get annoyed by things that distract you from fully enjoying a book, then the Sol Reader might be just what you need. It’s a device that fills your field of vision with text, helping you stay immersed in your reading.

The Sol Reader looks similar to a pair of virtual reality goggles. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth and requires an iOS or Android app.

Using the app, you can stream third-party EPUB files, like ebooks, from your phone to the Sol Reader. The text of the book is displayed on two side-lit screens made of E Ink, with one screen for each eye. You can still see your surroundings using your peripheral vision, so you’re not completely cut off from the world.

The brightness of the warm-white LEDs can be adjusted manually, or it can be automatically adjusted using a light sensor based on the lighting conditions around you. You can also adjust the focus of each eyepiece, which means most users won’t need glasses or contact lenses while using the device.

Other features of the Sol Reader include a nosepiece that can be adjusted for comfort, a wireless handheld remote for scrolling and flipping pages, and a battery life of up to 25 hours on a two-hour charge.

You can preorder the Sol Reader from their website in black, silver, gold, or blue for $350. It is expected to start shipping in the fall season of the Northern Hemisphere.

While the features and specifications of the Sol Reader seem promising, the actual user experience will depend on factors such as comfort, usability, and the quality of the display. It would be interesting to see how the Sol Reader performs in real-world usage scenarios and how users respond to its functionality and design.

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