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20 Gadgets That Will Make You Nostalgic

Tech gadgets have become super innovative, and we are witnessing new arrivals almost every other day. While we spend most of our time focusing on the new technology that is being developed and new gadgets that are being unveiled, today we have decided to dedicate this post to the devices that were once considered to be the cutting-edge technology. Check out the list of the following twenty devices that will definitely make you feel nostalgic;

Laserdisc – Replacement Of VHS!

These discs were intended to serve as a replacement for VHS tapes. They offered better picture quality, however; the size in which they came made them not so trendy. It was super-annoying to carry them, and they incurred damaged very easily.

Overhead Projectors

These bulky machines would be wheeled into the classrooms by teachers and used to write notes on. The machinery has become a thing of the past thanks to the ease with which you can project your computers onto screens.

SEGA Dreamcast!

The gameplay was good enough, and SEGA already had a market. What went wrong? The console was unveiled at the same time as PlayStation 2 and Xbox – two consoles that are more than just difficult to compete with.


Before the CDs became the norm of our world, the only sure shot way to get yourself grooving was by getting a Walkman. It phased out once the CDs became common.

Samsung Galaxy Note

The phone was the talk of the town when it was launched. However, the technology used within the phone was prone to catch fire thus making it a hazard.

Zune, iPod Competitor!

It was, in essence, the same thing as an iPod and was released after the iPod. The market was already saturated, and therefore this device didn’t last long.

Betamax By Sony!

Sony launched this device back in 1975 and had hoped that it would compete with the VCRs. However, since outside companies were not allowed to create tapes owing to licensing problems; Sony lost the market to VCRs.

Typewriter – Yeah, We Had Those!

Who here remembers working with a typewriter? Those were the good old days when you had to write meticulously because any mistake meant that you would be writing the whole page again. Typewriters became a thing of the past when computers walked in!

MySpace – Before Zuckerberg Happened!

Before Facebook took over the world of social media, Tom’s Myspace was the place to be in the online world.


This beauty was the foundation for today’s IMAX technology. It relied on multiple projectors for providing the audience a similar to IMAX experience. However, it was too expensive, and many theatres simply were not ready to spend that much.


They were the premier choice of mall cops! However, they didn’t become as common as the creators of these two-wheeled contraptions had thought they would.

Digital Audio Tapes

People loved the digital audio tapes when they were introduced. The music industry, however, was a different case. It had the Congress pass the Audio Home Recording Act thus preventing the piracy of music and paving the way for CDs to take over.

Apple Newton PDA

This was the first break of Apple into the world of smart technology. However, this touchscreen by Apple failed. It simply had too many technical problems thus preventing the people from investing in it.

DivX – Before Netflix and Hulu!

DivX tried to secure the video streaming market. However, since users had to download a variety of programs to get the platform working, it never really was able to win the hearts of its audience.


Not Google Maps, not another app that works on your gadget. We are talking about actual maps – the ones that were drawn on paper, and you had to plot your course on them!


You would remember these from various movies and TV shows as well; it was a mobile contact device that only told you who called!

Virtual Boy

Back in 1995, this headgear was way ahead of its time. But the size of it was the problem with the visual prowess of the gadget giving users headaches.

Telephone Landlines

Most of you probably never saw these, however; before the smartphones took over, we had these landlines. The phones were connected to phone cords and every family usually owned only one.

Pebble Smartwatch

This watch was a result of crowdfunding on Kickstarter. However, it was not able to make the expected impact on the market.

Google Glass

This was another smart accessory that never really took off. These pair of glasses would act as a smartphone on your face allowing you to check your email, texts, and other data stored on your mobile. Since they didn’t offer anything that mobile phones already did; they didn’t catch on as well!

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