This New Portable Projector By LG Can Throw 4K Movie Magic Onto Your Wall Or Ceiling

LG has introduced its new CineBeam PU700R projector, joining Samsung in the market of stylish and compact projectors. This 4K projector offers an intuitive design and impressive features for optimal viewing experiences.

With its sleek elliptic shape, 4K resolution, high brightness levels, and support for HDR content, the CineBeam PU700R aims to enhance home entertainment.

The LG CineBeam PU700R projector offers 4K UHD visuals with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, capable of projecting images up to 120 inches diagonally. It utilizes an RGB LED light source that delivers up to 1,000 ANSI lumens, ensuring bright and vibrant visuals even in well-lit environments. The projector boasts a contrast ratio of 150,000:1 and supports HDR10 and HLG content, providing enhanced color and dynamic range.

To ensure convenient placement, the CineBeam PU700R features a chunky cradle that allows for easy adjustment over 90 degrees. In addition, it offers 4/9/15-point keystone correction and Auto Screen Adjustment, which optimizes the image by aligning, focusing, and adjusting it for the best viewing experience.

Connectivity options include HDMI and USB inputs for wired connections, while Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support enable screen sharing and AirPlay 2 functionality. The projector comes with a built-in 5-Watt speaker, but it can also be paired with two Bluetooth-enabled speakers simultaneously for stereo sound.

In addition, LG’s Smart webOS platform provides access to popular streaming apps like Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney Plus, and YouTube.

The CineBeam PU700R measures 6.4 x 12 x 5.7 inches (162.5 x 304.8 x 144.7 mm) and weighs 6.8 pounds (3 kg), aligning with LG’s portable design approach. However, it requires a nearby wall outlet for power, as it doesn’t feature a built-in battery.

Product page: PU700R

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