This New Portable Microwave Allows You To Heat Up Meals On The Go


Japanese tool manufacturer Makita has created a cordless and portable microwave oven that could be the solution to your problem of wanting a hot meal on the go.

Called the MW001G, this microwave can provide up to 500W of power for eight minutes, all without being plugged into an electrical socket. It weighs 19.4 lbs (8.8 kg), making it easy to transport to a worksite, campsite, or charging point. Additionally, a shoulder strap can be purchased and attached for added convenience.

The microwave currently is only available in Japan, where it retails for ¥110,000 ($840, £670) before tax, the cost of the battery, and charger. With a storage capacity of eight liters and internal dimensions of 10 x 4.7 x 9.5 inches (255 x 120 x 241 mm), the MW001G can hold a large lunch box, according to Makita.

‘Because it is a flat table, it is easy to clean and maintain,’ the company adds.

The microwave can hold two 40V lithium-ion battery packs, but only one is needed to operate, leaving the other as a backup. When both batteries are used, it can reheat around 11 lunch boxes or 20 cups of coffee. Using higher-capacity batteries can extend the microwave’s battery life.

Users can choose between 500W and 350W power settings to conserve battery charge. With two 2.5 Ah battery packs, the MW001G can operate for up to eight minutes, but with two 33.5 Ah packs, it can operate for nearly an hour and a half.

The MW001G also doubles as a portable phone charger, featuring a dedicated USB slot for charging other devices with a maximum output of 2.4A. The microwave’s display shows operating time and battery life, and four buttons control power and cooking settings.

While it doesn’t have a rotating table, the MW001G has a sponge filter that collects crumbs and debris, which can be easily cleaned with a vacuum. With all of these features, the MW001G is a versatile and practical appliance for anyone on the go, and it’s perfect for disaster preparedness too.

The MW001G microwave oven is not only a versatile and portable appliance, but it also comes with several safety features. If the door is opened while the microwave is on or if it is tilted, it will immediately power off for user safety.

Although the microwave is currently only available in Japan, a teaser video on the Makita Netherlands TikTok channel suggests that it may soon be released in other countries

While Makita is best known for manufacturing power tools, it has expanded its product line to include portable cookware such as a coffee maker, kettle, and cooler box. These items are all compatible with the same batteries used to power Makita’s cordless screwdrivers and drills.

The Makita Denmark Instagram account even posted a promotional image of a Makita Air Fryer, but it was uploaded on April 1st, so it is unclear if this product is a practical joke or not. All of Makita’s portable cookware has a similar design, featuring a rugged look and a teal blue color.


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