This New Pizza Box By Pizza Hut Can Be Converted Into A Projector For Watching Movies

pizza hut projector

The weekend is on and there is nothing better to do than to have a movie night with friends in the basement and no movie nights are fun without pizza and soda. But not many people have the ultra large LED screens in their houses and nor we have projectors to see our favorite pictures anywhere we want. Well, it seems our prayers have been answered as Pizza Hut has unveiled this awesome pizza delivery box that can act as a projector. Now we can have pizza and movies wherever we want!

Pizza box projector2

All you need is your smartphone and the video from the phone will projected by the box onto the wall or screen of your choosing. The “pizza saver” as the tripod present in the box has been named, uses a magnifying lens to project the video. The lens is present inside when the package arrives. We take it out and distribute the pizza among the hungry folk. Then we punch out a hole marked in front of the box and put the lens inside. The smartphone is perched inside with the screen facing the lens. If you want to focus the video, the smartphone is moved back and forth. The screen must be locked, and the smartphone must be placed upside down because the image formed on the screen is an inverted image of the video inside. We recommend thorough cleaning of your phone before using it in the picture as minor distortions cost too much in the projected video quality.

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The box premiered in Hong Kong this year as part of Pizza Hut’s “Double Pizza” promotional offer. If it catches the local attention, the box will be seen everywhere around the world. All our Hong Kong readers are solemnly requested to give feedback as we would like to see these useful boxes everywhere. They can even be used for office parties and later using the box as makeshift projectors!
Pizza box projector 7

Click here to see the box in action:




  1. Jennifer W Reply

    What can I use as a projector lens, so I can turn a pizza box into this, since it obviously didn’t make it to my town?

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